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Shelley Downs

As a 🥵 Hot Mess Mama, I understand the pain of emotional chaos and low functioning all too well! Despite trying all the traditional medical methods, nothing seemed to work for anxiety/depression until I discovered hypnotherapy.

And even though I experienced some very big shifts in my life at the time I continued to struggle with controlling my emotions. 

So, I immersed myself in the worlds of Coaching, NLP, and Neuroscience where I collected and tailored a set of tools that worked for my neurodivergent brain. Tools that work in seconds to minutes because that’s the amount of time I could focus for and let’s face it, Mamma’s are BUZY!

If you’re ready to take back control of your emotions, find clarity, and deep self-acceptance I would love 💕 to share this with you! 🎁


How Can Shelley Help?


Anxiety is behind so many of our everyday problems. From feeling overwhelmed and stuck to procrastinating and affecting our everyday functioning. For some people it can get out of control as it typically escalates. Using hypnotherapy and the latest in change work I will show you how to interrupt the pattern or anxiety, turn off the production of stress hormones so you can live the life you really want.

The Truth about Trauma

It might interest you to know that science has proven everyone has trauma and it’s a part of our human experience.

When we think of trauma it’s typical to jump to the horrific things but the truth is that if you grew up feeling like you were different to everyone else. Noticing that you don’t fit in or function the same way others did. Well the pain, shame and feelings of unworthiness are trauma. 

Changework shines in this area because we now know that trauma is stored in the body and by combining body work with hypnotherapy and re-patterning with the process of neuroplasticity you can release it easily without having to remember it or even tell me any of the details.

Other therapies such as CBT and exposure therapy are designed to slowly desensitise your brain to the trauma.

Dealing with Depression

Struggling with depression? You’re not alone, I lived with depression and anxiety for 6 years. Everyone’s experience is different and yet depression is a bad experience for all.

I tried everything and nothing worked, until I spotted the pattern of depression. You know how you go in and out? Your unconscious mind can also identify that out pattern and through hypnosis and the process of neuroplasticity you can rewire it.

For most people the pain of depression comes from the belief that it’s permanent. And yet, it is episodic in nature and follows a pattern. So please know that it is absolutely possible to get out of depression and live the life your free.

My Hypnotherapy Services

Located in beautiful Brisbane, Queensland, I help clients all over Australia and and different parts of the the world via Zoom. 

Weight Loss

Weight loss hypnotherapy is like flicking a switch on when it comes to mindset and motivation. Most clients tell me it’s the feeling of effortlessness and having that energy to start that surprises them. Weight loss is a mental game and it’s never just about energy in and out. There can be multiple issues such as self worth, hormonal imbalances, habitual habits and trauma (12kg’s+ indicates trauma).  Whether you have a little or a lot of weight to release, hypnotherapy will give you the tools and accountability to keep going.

Managing Sleep Issues

Considering sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture. This really is something that plays havoc in our lives.

Lack of sleep affects everything including our ability to regulate or emotions, mental functioning, learning, relationships, parenting and our work.

I can help you better manage sleep issues, so that you can feel the effects of deep restorative sleep on waking.

If you spend too much time in the REM phase of sleep and too little in deep restorative sleep then you will know it because you’ll wake up feeling exhausted.



Clarity-Addiction & Habitual Behaviours

Emotional eating, abusing caffeine or nicotine are often indicators of a person trying to self medicate.

For many women who struggle with foggy brain and or fatigue both nicotine and caffeine work on our brain because it improves focus and clarity.

These behaviours can also indicate low dopamine a neurotranmitter which often result in symptoms of fatigue, lack of motivation and depression.

Drinking excessively or taking drugs are also a form of self medication and for some it’s a very useful strategy to manage feelings of stress and overwhelm.

The fact is, it’s not a character flaw. These are coping strategies and they are only a problem if they are a problem for you in your life. 

Heres what you need to know should you continue using any of these strategies.

Each time you do it your neurologically strengthening the neural pathway. Do it repeatedly enough and it will become automatic. 

Dealing with Phobias

Phobias are usually established by the age of 7 and most people will not remember the event. Our brain takes a snapshot of the last thing it saw and it often has nothing to do with the actual trigger or initial event.

Typical phobias include fear of public speaking, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), needles, blood, spiders and snakes.

But phobia’s can be anything and some people feel embarrassed and even silly about theirs and the truth is it’s super common to have a weird or irrational phobia.

Hypnotherapy typically uses a technique that puts you into a disassociated state so that your amygdala isn’t triggered and you are not re-traumatised.

When the phobia cure doesn’t work it’s usually because the practitioner didn’t find the initial event. They may of found a subsequent event instead and it’s for this reason I use a mixed approach to phobia including re-patterning and the process of neuroplasticity.


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