Anxiety is a reoccurring theme behind so many everyday problems – from feelings of being stuck, overeating and procrastinating to phobias, nail biting and excessive drinking.

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Some people feel resistance to change and that’s where hypnotherapy can really help you.

Shelley Downs

Hi I’m Shelley Downs, a professional hypnotherapist who specialises in anxiety and or depression. I use hypnotherapy to help people make rapid changes in their lives everyday. Located in Brisbane, Australia I offer Zoom sessions in the comfort of your own home. As a hypnotherapist and coach I  work with clients in different parts of Australia and the world.

Hypnotherapy is a proven technique to help you make  transformative change so you can achieve your goals within only a few sessions. I have a keen focus on change work and use the latest techniques to give my clients the resources they need to unlock their full potential, find their passion and live the life they want to live. I want you to achieve your goals without being held back by your unconscious mind.

How Can Shelley Help?

Reducing Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a reoccurring theme behind so many everyday problems – from feelings of being stuck, overeating and procrastinating to phobias, nail biting and excessive drinking. I teach people the science behind anxiety and then to become their own anxiety expert. Using hypnotherapy and the latest in change therapy I will show you how to interrupt the pattern or anxiety, how to turn off the production of stress hormones, and bring peace back into the body.

Removing Irrational Fears

Do you feel like your worry is interfering with your life and causing you distress? Are you living in irrational fear? Do you procrastinate to a point that is negatively impacting on your life? This worry is anxiety and its fear that almost always is based on a future prediction not a fact. The great news is that through hypnotherapy I can teach you techniques to stop or interrupt this pattern and rewire that neural pathway.

Dealing with Depression

Have you been diagnosed with depression? I want to tell you that you’re not alone. I, too, come from a lived experience of anxiety and depression. And yes, it is possible to be free of this and live the life you desire. The pain of depression comes from the belief that it’s permanent and yet depression is episodic in nature; meaning it comes and goes. Hypnotherapy can give you the tools and help you find the pattern of depression, essentially lifting it and rewiring those neural pathways.

My Hypnotherapy Services

Located in beautiful Brisbane, Queensland, I help clients all over Australia and and different parts of the the world via Zoom. The services I provide will help you overcome different challenges you face in life, including:

Weight Loss

Weight loss hypnotherapy is like turning a switch on, it can change your mindset and give you the motivation to easily release that extra weight you no longer need. Weight loss is a mental game and is never just about energy in and out. There can be multiple issues such as childhood trauma, self worth and habitual habits like emotional eating and procrastination. Whether you have a little or a lot of weight to release, hypnotherapy will give you the tools and accountability to keep going.

Managing Sleep Issues

Hypnotherapy can help you better manage sleep issues, so that you can feel the effects of deep restorative sleep on waking. Spending too much time in the REM phase and too little time in the deep restorative sleep phase causes people to wake up feeling exhausted. Giving positive suggestions to your unconscious mind while in hypnosis can re-establish this balance so you can sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed again.

Overcoming Addictions

Hypnotherapy considers most behaviours like smoking, emotional eating, gambling and drinking excessively as habitual habits. Initially the behaviour, like smoking, was likely used as a strategy to fit in as a teenager. Your unconscious mind may have interpreted that you need to smoke to stay safe. For some people it can be as simple as informing their unconscious mind that they are no longer a teenager and that smoking is now unsafe.

Dealing with Phobias

Phobias are usually established by the age of 4 and most people will not remember the event. Typical phobias include fear of public speaking, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), needles, blood, spiders, snakes etc. Phobia’s can be anything and sometimes that can feel embarrassing or shameful. Hypnosis works to remove the association coded in the brain without needing to know the cause.

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Shelley Downs