Shelley Downs

About ➡️Shelly Downs

My Story

As a 🥵 HOT Mess Mama who struggled with emotional overwhelm and for years, unknowingly ADHD and RSD (rejection sensitivity disorder) I understand the frustration, pain and anger your likely feeling.
And because our emotional regulation is closely linked to our executive functions, I know first hand how it can reek havoc on our daily living skills.
Stuff like organisation, starting just about anything, memory, sleep, planning, motivation, impulse control, and decision making can really go south.
For me it resulted in low-functioning that lead to zero functioning, BURNOUT!
And naturally it negatively impacted on my parenting, work, relationships, and most other areas in my life.
If you’re similar to me and have tried traditional methods like psychology, talk therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and medications with little success, please know you’re not alone.

I work with women every day who have lost hope and feel like there’s something wrong with them.

And I’m going to tell you now  “There is nothing wrong with you, you’ve just not found the right tools, YET!

And I have been collecting the very BEST Tools for years 💕

Just practical simple things you can teach your kids, do anywhere in seconds to minutes.

And please teach your kids. I even encourage kids/teens to do the second coaching call with you because I’ve seen outstanding results when the whole family learn and reinforce one another.

Book a call with me and hey if you’re not ready yet, that’s okay. I’m here to support women and I’m happy to share my knowledge, free resources, and provide you with the next steps you can take if I can.

Unfortunately I don’t work with every person and you will need to book a discovery call in order for me to ensure I can help. 

Professional Qualifications

Shelley Downs is a highly qualified professional with three certifications in hypnotherapy from the renowned Mike Mandel Academy, Freddy Jacquin Academy, and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Additionally, she holds certifications for Coaching, Energy medicine, and NLP, making her well-equipped to help you create change and find what works best for your brain. With 20 years of experience in the mental health and disability sectors, Shelley is a seasoned professional who is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.