Shelley Downs

Professional Hypnotherapist + NLP Practitioner + Life Coach

NDIS Support Coordinator



Hi 🙋‍♀️Shell here! What can I tell you? Well, I’d describe myself as a very down to earth person. What you see 👀 is what you get!

I come from a lived experience of depression/anxiety. 

I struggled💪for years and tried😩 every avenue to get out of depression!

I did everything I was told by psychologists 🥼 and psychiatrists. 

Every program, therapy, medication, 💊books 📚and courses ect.

You name it! I did it, and 🤷‍♀️ nothing worked until…

I came across a coach 🏃‍♀️who taught me about neuroscience 🌌 how to use my brain🧠 effectively and how to rewire it. 

🙋‍♀️What you should know about me is that I am definitely NOT your typical Recovery worker (Support Coordinator) and hey🤷‍♀️ I’m not everybody’s cup of tea  🫖🍵either.

Personally I dislike labels🏷️ even though I definitely have ADHD traits, I choose to never limit myself by the label. If you find your diagnosis a strength 💪 I have no issue with that.

I never judge anyone’s behaviour as I understand that underlying it always exists a positive 🥰 intention. 

Issues such as 😥depression/anxiety, self sabotage, procrastination and self harm, even drug addiction they all hold the positive😊 intention of keeping us safe and ensuring our survival. 

What I won’t do ⚠️ is tell you  what to do! And not just because I hate being told what to do.

It’s because I know 😊you already have the answer to the issue you seek 🎁to resolve.

You just don’t know it, yet!😊

So, I will guide ➡️ you to that internal answer.

Most people just need support🤗 understanding, a plan ✍️with accountability and a few new tools 🛠️for the tool box 🧰,

That’s me in a nutshell🥜 and if your ready to work with me please feel free to give me a call📱text or email 📩.

I offer 👇NDIS participants Psychosocial Recovery coaching /Support coordination. 

P.S. Even though I am a trained hypnotist.

Hypnotherapy is sadly not covered by the NDIS.

  • In person sessions available in Brisbane

  • Zoom Sessions available

👩 Who I Work With

If your an NDIS participant have Psychosocial disability (mental health diagnosis) or the parent/carer supporting someone, then I can work with you.  

Whatever your goal is I can help participants in or with:

  • Creating a recovery plan and setting up automatic steps should your health require it.

  • Connecting to professions ie, support workers, OT’s ect.

  • Employment

  • Further education

  • Running your first marathon

  • Become a recovery coach for yourself
  • Starting your own business.

Whatever your dream is, I encourage you and support you 100%.


How my Recovery Coaching works

My goal is to understand you, your goals and your motivations. My recovery coaching process is centred on your specific needs through a simple, yet effective 6-step process:

  • Spending time getting to know you and the people most important to your life.

  • Developing a recovery-enabling relationship founded on trust.

  • Applying recovery coaching and practices to increase your skills in areas like personal capacity, inner strengths, goal setting, resilience and decision-making.

  • Helping you get better connected with support through both the larger community and mental health services.

  • We will work together to design a solid recovery plan that you and the people who support you can rely on.

  • Providing ongoing support for whatever goals you wish to achieve – whether it is health-related, career-oriented or just aspirational and fun.

It’s important to remember you are the expert on your mental health. You are in control and hold the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. It’s different for everyone – some people find that having cooked meals, supported social community participation or exercise is the key to recovery for them. 


Book a 15-minute discovery call with Shelley either over the phone or via Zoom. Our first chat is completely no obligation, so you can decide if I am the right fit for you.

How Can Recovery Coaching Help You

How Can Recovery Coaching Help You?

Recovery means helping you build a purposeful life, which is why I will always work with you to create your own path.

Recovery coaching wasn’t available when I was going through my own lived experience of anxiety and depression. If it had been, I’d have jumped at the chance because I could have cut years off my own personal suffering.

Everything I know and teach now, I have personally tested. My therapy is authentic because I take the best out of many disciplines including peer coaching, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness . I ca teach you how to live the life you truly desire!

I want to be there when you realise you can grab control of your life once again. 


Online Via Zoom and In-Person Sessions

Online Via Zoom and In-Person Sessions

My services are completely tailor-made to your specific needs, so you can choose any session you prefer. If you want to visit me in person, I will organise a date and time that suits you best. If you prefer Zoom or a combination of online and or in person sessions. I am more than happy to work around your needs, which has been an effective strategy for many of my clients who are based throughout Queensland.

Recovery isn’t always a straight line, sometimes, there are twists and turns. And yet wherever you are, I’ll meet you there! It’s all about meeting you where you are in your journey.