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Children’s Customised Hypnosis Audio Recording (30 minutes or 45 minutes)



Story telling is powerful when it comes to changing all types of behaviour. And children are often the most gifted story tellers of all.

Your child’s customised audio will be a co-created story with them. Using the questionnaire you can ask your child who they would like in their story. It could be family members, friends, pets or even their favourite toys. They could be a warrior, a dinosaur, a fairy, a bird, whatever their imagination brings.

As a hypnotist I use hypnosis as a powerful tool to change;

  • limiting beliefs
  • horrible habits
  • picky eaters
  • release irrational fears and anxiety

Or perhaps your child would like to be the best at something. Hypnosis is used by many elite sports people to enhance performance. Whatever your child’s dream is I can help.

Mindfulness is the ultimate tool to give your small human. While simply listening to an audio while going to sleep they will learn to relax deeply, regulate their breath and allow thoughts to drift away.

How to get my customised hypnosis recording

Add this Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording to your shopping cart and pay for the order.

  1. Add this Customised Hypnosis Audio Recording to your shopping cart and pay for the order
  2. Fill out the questionnaire with your child to the best of your ability.

The approximate completion time is 1 week after you have submitted your questionnaire.

Recordings can be sent to email or directly to your WhatsApp phone number. If you have any question regarding your customised audio please do not hesitate to contact me by email at

PLEASE NOTE: Customised Audio Recording’s and Services are NONREFUNDABLE after completion.

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30 minutes, 45 minutes


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