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Customised Hypnosis Audio Recording (30 minutes or 45 minutes)



Imagine what it is you truely desire?

Your Ideal Body?
Perhaps your ideal life?

You might just desire a great nights sleep where you wake up feeling deeply refreshed. Or you may seek a performance enhancement in sports or even with your your memory.

Add this Customised Hypnosis Audio Recording to your shopping cart and pay for the order.

How to get my customised hypnosis recording

Add this Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording to your shopping cart and pay for the order.

  1. Add this Customised Hypnosis Audio Recording to your shopping cart and pay for the order.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire with your child to the best of your ability.

The approximate completion time is 1 week after you have submitted your questionnaire.

Recordings can be sent to email or directly to your WhatsApp phone number. If you have any question regarding your customised audio please do not hesitate to contact me by email at

PLEASE NOTE: Customised Audio Recording’s and Services are NONREFUNDABLE After Completion

Example Weight loss

  • If you were seeking weight loss what is your goal weight?
  • Why do you want to loose weight?
  • Or is it about fitting into a specific piece of clothing?
  • Are you going on a holiday or special occasion and wish to look X.
  • What would you feel like if you had your ideal body.
  • How would you feel in your ideal body.
  • What would you see? Flat stomach in the mirror, your favourite clothing label or a specific size on the tag.
  • What would you hear?
  • Will you hear compliments of how great you look?
  • Is there someone specific you would love a compliment from and what would you like to hear them say?
  • Are there any places you would like to go with your ideal body such as a specific fashion shop, the gym, perhaps the beach wearing a bright yellow bikini?
  • How would you react to foods? ie. inattentive, uninterested, easily get full on small amounts, naturally eat the ideal amount.

Example of Ideal Sleep

  • How long do you want to sleep for?
  • How will you sleep? Without moving, on your back, side or stomach?
  • Where will you sleep (describe your bedroom i.e special pillow, soft mattress?
  • Is there any lighting on as you go to sleep?
  • Do you have a fan or an air-conditioner?
  • Do you use a quilt, blanket or other.
  • When would be your preferred time to go to sleep?
  • How do you go to sleep (position- is your arm under your pillow, your leg in a certain position?)
  • What will you see as your going to sleep?
  • What will you hear hear as your going to sleep?
  • How will it feel when your drifting effortlessly into sleep?

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30 minutes, 45 minutes


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