Shelley Downs

Professional Hypnotherapist + NLP Practitioner + Life Coach

The Fast Hypnosis Session

$ 75
  • 30 minutes of guided 1 to one 1 hypnosis
  • Just want to try hypnosis and see if you can be hypnotised?
  • Highly recommended for dealing with negative emotions, stress over a presentation, preparing for a job interview, motivation, stress release and revitalisation.
  • Sessions only available via Zoom and subject to availability
  • Not suitable for addiction, depression/anxiety, phobia's or multiple issues

Initial Hypnotherapy Session

$ 180
  • 90 minute Hypnotherapy Session. 
  • A Deep Dive into dealing with your issue.
  • 1:1 Training of 3 practical techniques that will
    keep you in control. 
  • Stress Release Hypnosis recording you can listen to anytime (Value $120)
  • Follow up support call where you can ask questions or gain further clarity (Value $99)

Any Additional Hypnotherapy Sessions

$ 150
  • Recommended for weight release over 5kg's, addiction, anxiety/depression, trauma work, long term goals
  • 60 minute Hypnotherapy session
    Deeper Dive into the issue or working on an additional area of concern.
  • 1:1 Coaching on Self Hypnosis Session. (Value $300)

  • Follow up support call where you can ask questions or gain further clarify (Value $99)

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Group Hypnotherapy

Check out my weekly group sessions on offer via Zoom. It is a super affordable option and some people find group work more comfortable as they are never the centre of attention. 

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